What is the smartphone life?

I use the phrase ‘Smartphone life’ a lot. It aptly describes daily life, living in the era we do. Everything we touch upon is in some way influenced by smartphones. Shopping, social interaction, travel, reading, entertainment and more, is all influenced by the device that is the greatest invention of modern times.

In a typical day, my smartphone controls so much. My alarm that wakes me, including my lights which come on slowly in the morning with the alarm. Checking my email as I get ready for the day, streaming music from any number of online services to start the day right. Then as a SatNav to warn me of traffic on the route to work, to pay for my parking, to pay for my breakfast and then lunch later in the day.

Alerts for any offers available near me, discounts, work chat group, and so on. My smartphone controls my home even when I am not there, I can see inside my home with security cameras, turn my lights on and off remotely, see who is at the door and converse with the caller, turn the heating up/down as necessary, turn of plugs that were forgotten in the morning rush, and so on.

When I get home the smartphone alerts me when parcels are ready for collection, gives access to online shopping wherever I am, allows me to view, download or stream movies, TV shows, etc, or just pass the time playing a few games.

This is the Smartphone life. This is my smartphone life, and here on this blog I will share thoughts and ideas on smartphone apps, services, and associated products I find useful on a daily basis.